80 Australian UHF CB Channels for Baofeng Radios

Australian UHF CB (Citizen Band) 80 for the UV-5R, GT-3TP, UV-82 (includes all 16 CBRS repeater channels) Import our custom Baofeng programming DAT file (or included CHIRP CVS file) and you're done in seconds. The custom radio programming files (only 3kb) are $5.50 in our ebay store. Programming files are emailed usually within an hour of purchase.

These radios don't have a dedicated repeater (RPT - DUP) on / off button like regular CB radios. This is a problem if you live in an area where there are no CBRS repeaters and you'd like to use an unused repeater uplink or down link channel. (which is legal by Australian ACMA law)

Our programming file has been set out as such...

  • Channels 1 to 80 are simplex (radio to radio)
  • 16 dedicated repeater use channels have been added
  • 22 and 23 included (telemetry and telecommand, packet data use only)
  • All channels are default narrow band / high power
  • Channels clearly labeled CB 01 thru CB 80, and RPT 01 thru RPT 16

NOTE: We only sell data base files, NOT the radios.

Baofeng UV-5R

$5.50 eBay Store

Baofeng GT-3TP

$5.50 eBay Store




Baofeng UV-82

$5.50 eBay Store

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