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Yeah that's what the female repyling to the emails said.

The buggers, I got there at 3:50pm and they were shut.

So went to Harper street...buggeers with no signs out the time I found them they were shut.

Buggers closing at 4pm..  Violent1

All that extra weight in the Bubble is killing my brakes  Sad5
Tears  you should try getting out and about a bit earlier....

you spent all your recycling money on fuel    Dukes

$7.30 each battery available until 10pm 7 days  Icon_thumright
ok so due to recent events on cb I am retracting my offer    Thebirdman
(06-01-2018, 12:36 AM)number7 link Wrote: ok so due to recent events on cb I am retracting my offer    Thebirdman

Cause and effect.

[Image: batt_cash_550.jpg]

Got old batteries? I recommend a stranger called, George.
70kg on the dot and $50 (71 cents a kg) shopping and fuel money.
Cool range of second hand car tires and batteries as well.

50 Harper Street, Molendinar. 4214
(out the back of the old Bulkies Disposals building)
[Image: poo_jogger.jpg]
Fark, it's a rare occasion when the fake news even makes me laugh...

#loveislandaustralia #sophiemonk

[Image: xy_ford_rust.jpg]
Retired XY

It just dawned on me today that I have XY's in me  Tard
I might have to stop bagging Fords out.

Thank big titty XX's (aka Blonde) it's Friday.


[Image: rock_star_kim_550.jpg]
Wanna be a rock star? Kill your older brother, uncle and a million+ others first.

[Image: thumbs_up_trump_for_kim.jpg]
Thumbs up for mass murderers.

Yet yellow face (Donny) won't thumbs up a British trained doctor called Assad, that never killed anyone. (innocent)

What a fucked up world I live in.  Debilos-1

You all take it up the vag, with no lanolin. 

Papa ##### yummy yum yum.  Vas_fag

Test test...

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you all take it up the ass with no vas

Silly me forgot about this until the artist formerly known
 as 'The Bush', reminded us on channel 11 last night.

RIP Mr Burt Sad5
re: my BS tonight on channel 11 .... Google search ...
"60 minutes new zealand swine flu"

So '60 Minutes' NZ shows a farmer left for dead by the doctors with swine flu and cancer ... cured with $10 worth of vitamin C ... yet Australian 60 Minutes won't show this amazing story?
Now our Aussie girl Olivia Newton John is battling cancer again.
The turd married to the woman on the back of your money and front of your flag, wrote a book called...
"If I Were an Animal".
In the forward of that book, that ass hole wants to come back in his next like as a "virus" and wipe humans out.

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