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You sure you dont want the mazda c00ter ?

got it on gumtree and have been getting msgs and calls all morning
mostly just wankers offering  :vasfag:  deals tho....
Yeah nah, I need something I can drive right away with aircon.  :russell:
Dukes  Low ks, only driven on weekends

Wonder how much this will fetch  Grab
it's only a replica

some dick crashed all the real ones

Tears  he only crashed a couple of em.....

current bid over $40k???    Happy6
There was 1 the same for sale at bathurst a few years ago for 22 - I knew it was a good deal....

Years ago when I was a young dick head hanging out at Broadwater carpark
someone there had a Tru-Blu XD. I used to see him all the time
Then 1 night Dicks Green Beast - The XE was out there as well...  Dontknow

Dick Johnson has a lot of fans out there -
seems the only race driver who has his cars replicated with such passion.
There are always a few at Bathurst - Tru-Blu and Greens-Tuf
One guy had a Tru-Blu panel van and another half van made into a trailer all painted the same  Icon_thumright

Iv never seen a Peter Brock replica (driven) Mark Skaiffe or anyone elses cars getting around
There were always a few dickheads with the HDT helmet and lion painted on the side of their
VL commodores back then tho - made it even funnier when id beat them from the lights in my camira  Tears
I remember this 1 - I was only 4 years old..... Sad2

They fixed it overnight and Dick was on the grid for the race but didnt do any good
The commentator leaned in his window on the grid for a chat in his nice maroon channel 7 jacket
The paint was still wet (they used to paint the cars back then - all stickers now)
Ruined his jacket - ended up covered in Greens-Tuf paint..  Tears
Well there were 2 copies of my "Alan Moffat Special" getting around back in the 1980's.

Both the copies were XBs not XC like mine and up close no where near as well done as mine, but then I am a little biased  Tears

"If a clutered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign."  Albert Einstein

Well, I have the cluttered desk, I guess that's a start!
Don't tell anyone, but one of the first cars I wanted to buy was a 6cyl XB sedan. Green I think from memory.

Had about a weeks holiday at the end of my last school year (aged 15) before Uncle John (mums brother, RIP) got me a job at Hondat Smash (Miami) as shop job ferret. Worked there two years and half years. Was offered an apprenticeship as a spray painter but stupidly turned it down because I hated wet rubbing. (I only dry rub now days  Davodick )

One of the panel beaters called Luke was well respected enough by owner Lindsey Stevens (no relation..he's a Kiwi) that he was allowed to have the back left corner of the panel shop for his own projects.

I forget all the details about the car now days...Ford this, Ford that...more so remember what a great panel beater Luke was and I wanted to own something he brought back to scratch.

Not sure why I never bought it (always listen to your inner voice) as it was about the time I got my license at 17...ended up getting a TD Gemini from some dodgie Southport car yard instead. Ow 121 Bubbles back then.  :russell:

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