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Author Topic: What was your first car or motorbike?  (Read 976 times)
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« on: February 11, 2017, 04:28:26 PM »

MODEL: 1000
PRICE: $50

I was about 15 years old in 1985 when Black Bean Mark and I peddled
on our push bikes down to his friends place at Silver Bridle (Gold Coast)

An older dude (30+) called Gary had a Datsun 1000 there for sale for $50.

Being 14 or 15, the idea of owing a car was a mind fuck.

All I was thinking about was having somewhere to mount my CB radio.

Checked the dash - looked good - nice virgin real estate to cut into.

Peddled home on my pushie quicker than a  Starvin Dimmock being chased by mad CB'ers.

Dug out my piggy bank - went back and paid the $50.

Ow, but I had no drivers licensee, the car was un-roadworthy and unregistered.

Hey, I was 15, and sick and tied of peddling.

Threw the pushie in the back seat.

Gary put in a charged up battery to start it, and away I went.

Trip was from Silver Bridle to Horizon Ave, Benowa.

As I reversed out Gary's drive way, he mentioned that it only turned left.


I was 15 and didn't give a shit about minors details like that.

Finally got it home - mum freaked out and grabbed the camera.

Motor is still warm in that photo - love the trendy hair and clothing stlyes of the day.

Lucky I didn't take any longer, as smoke had started to bellow out from
under the bonnet.

Gary had put the battery in the wrong way around. Beats me how it even started like that.

I parked the car in the backyard for a week or two and used it as my CB base station for awhile.

I don't remember what happened to it.

I think the old man got a tow truck around while I was at school, and had it taken to the scrap yard.

Arrh, I miss my first car. Fricking waste of $50 though.

 Cool Chicken
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« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2017, 02:01:06 PM »

My first car was a 1964 XM Ford Falcon Coupe, I paid $150 for it in 1976, when I was 15.

I loved that car and drove it up and down the dirt backroads of Labrador until one day in 1977 a bloke driving past noticed my car and offered me $300 for it, being young and dumb, and the fact $300 in 1977 was a lot of cash for a then 16 year old, I foolishly sold it.

It had a "Fordomatic" 2 speed automatic behind a 170 cubic inch straight six, "Super Pursuit" engine and a lovely red vinyl interior.

You could pull 60 MPH in first gear, shh, don't ask how I know that.

Today, one of those XM Coupes is worth a fortune.

Picture is somewhere, Ill find it...

 Wood Chopping Smoking Grandpa

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« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2017, 02:04:08 PM »

First motorbike was a Honda SL100 I bought from Southport Honda.

Would have been 1975.

Rode that in the Labrador bush for ages, it was fun until a "mate" fixed it for me, it never worked again.  Tears

Cant remember what happened to it, but it was first in over 20 motorbikes over the years.

 Wood Chopping Smoking Grandpa


"If a clutered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign."  Albert Einstein

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« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2017, 07:58:36 PM »

Yes thats it  Wood Chopping dig out those old pics  icon_thumright

First motorbike was a Honda SL100...

BIKE #01


That ur old first bike? Mine as well. That's a spooky coincidence,  Wood Chopping

Dad brought it home in bits, and I had to learn how to put it back together.
It was usually a pain to kick start (probably my fault for not being real savvy at tune ups back then)
so I used to roll start it down our Horizon Ave drive way.

It was a big bike compared to my little weedy body at the time.
While roll starting it, I dropped it on my left knee.
Oldies thought I had a sprain, so I sat on a skateboard to move
around the house for a week. Then one day I tried to stand on it.
Rather than forward and backward motions, I had left and right motion as well.

Oldies finally figured out I needed a doctor asap.
I don't remember what happened to the bike.

Bugger it, here's a few more.


Yamaha DT 125

Until tonight while looking through boxes of photos, I'd forgotten I owned this.
The lovely seat cover was my home-ec handy
I don't remember where I got it, or where it ended up.


Honda CT 125 farm bike

Dad bought it second hand from Donny Pask down near Broadbeach.
It was slow as crap, but would climb the side of the Triple K at Arundel no worries.
Trials bike gearing, but with a huge seat and rear rack to mount a car battery and CB radio.
Had a dud plate on it and rode it around the streets. Loved that bike.

Black Bean Mark (second from the left) ended up buying it from me.
Only photo of the bike I have courtesy of Mark as well.


Everything is big when ya small. From about the age of 8 through to 14,
I used to stare in awe at this IT 250. My mates dad John Massey owned it and used to
load this up with two other mini bikes on a trailer and take us around the coast's bike tracks.

He finally sold it to me when I was about 15. Was a real change from the farm bike.
Later sold it to a school friend. His mother hit the fan. Not sure where it ended up after that.


Suzuki RM 80

Got it off CB'er Ivanhoe Barry that used to live in Baily Crescent.
I forget what i paid for it. I still had the IT 250 at the time and got this for
a hobby fix up. It was well worn and scruffy. After I put a set of rings in it, the front wheel spent
most of the time in the air. Didn't have it long. Pissed it off to some color blind dummy.


(not the actual bike - the one I had was better)

Honda 1982 XR 500

Another bike I was eyeing off for a number of years before the owner
and CB'er Beaver Jeffery (Opium Jeff) sold it to me for $500

I loved it, but was a bit tall for me in the bush.
I had to get Ivan to ride it out of a rut one time.
I taught CB'er Noddy Kent how to ride on it.
He later bought it off me for $500
Still be worth the price today.
Jeff kept it in very good condition.

Jeff could wheel stand this down Smith street doing 120km's for as long as he wanted.
Well, that's what the speedo in Black Bean's Land Rover read as we followed behind him.

I miss that one most.

I thinks I wanna-another bike  Bike
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« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2017, 09:35:45 PM »

If I could work out a better way of sticking photos on here Ill post the few that I have of my old bikes and crap.

But from my dusty old memory they went a bit like this.

1 Honda SL100

2 Hodaka "Combat Wombat" Google that one  sign10 When I used to ride this one, all the other dirt bike riders Id encounter at the very same KKK, which was known to us as "the widow maker" would stare at it, it was a rather unique bike.

3 Honda XR75 with a rather noisy but good sounding exhaust pipe

4 Honda CR125, bought second hand I think from Donny Pask, yes another co-incidence, this bike was psycho, it either wouldn't run, or when it did, was so evil you had to push the front wheel down constantly and you had no idea which of the 6 gears it was in, evil thing.

5. Suzuki GS400, bought brand new from Graeme ?? Suzuki dealer in Southport on the corner of Welch Street and the highway, where DSE once was as well. I paid $1499 for it and picked up the keys with a brand new helmet and leather jacket, both of which I still have, on my 17th Birthday in 1978. Traded it and my Yellow XB Panel van in on a 1978 XC Falcon V8 Coupe in 1980.

6. Suzuki TS185 cant remember when or how much I paid, but it went up and down the old train track many, many times. Sold it and the TS100 to my boss when I worked for the gov.

7. Suzuki TS100, bought it just for the fun of riding it, it was so light you could literally throw it around the dirt tracks at the back of Labrador and Chirn Park.

8. Kawasaki 250 cant remember it much but it was green, very powerful, but heavy.

9. Yamaha XT500, only just sold her on Ebay about a year ago after having it sit in the shed for many years, it went to a good home though. I couldn't start the bastard of a thing anymore, and if you aren't fully committed when you try to start one, it will often smash your knee back up under your chin.  Tears Stupid de compression lever was a waste of time.

10. Yamaha XJ650, shaft drive and not very good handler, but was smooth and reliable, bloody petrol tank rusted out all the time.

11. Yamaha DT175, great bike, near perfect match of power versus weight, well it was back then anyway.

Cant remember the rest, but I have had a few from the big 4, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki, my favourites were nearly all Suzuki's. Some dirt, some road, some big, some small.

Have memories of riding evil things like a Suzuki "water bottle" a 750cc triple, water cooled 2 stroke, and the death adder, KH500 Kawasaki I think it was the H1 model, whatever it was, the power came on rather suddenly and was rather vicious.

 Smoking Wood Chopping Grandpa

Only have a couple of photos as film and processing it was a rather distant second to me spending money on wine, women, and song, well whiskey usually, women, and rock music to be precise about it.  Smoking Tears

"If a clutered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign."  Albert Einstein

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« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2017, 10:23:38 PM »

Ya old school wombat 2 stroke would have been cool  tongue1

Not sure I'd want to hit the power band half way up the KKK on it though.
There was that hill out the back of movie world that made the KKK look tame.
I don't think I ever got up it in one go on the CT125

Ya heavy Kwacka was probably a 4 stroke KLX
I rode a friends KLX 250 a few times but didn't like it because of the height and weight. (I was a short 12 year old)
Lighter 2 strokes were KDX. Only models I liked were the KX 80's.

I think Number 7 has a KLX. There's something green lurking over there.

Yeah, real bugger on ur XT500. Dad had one when I was about 10. I never rode it.

I couldn't even touch the ground on his smaller DT 175 at the time.
Once I got going, there was no stopping for pizza.

 Russell Coight

Attachments are no fun. Probably the easiest on-site way to ad pics on the page, is to first
upload them into the photo gallery. The site will auto generate an embed code to copy paste into ya post.
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« Reply #6 on: February 13, 2017, 11:10:39 PM »

Shit I might have to put a bit of effort in here......     Bike

I dont have quite as many years of experience as you two but I will give it a shot

Yamaha PeeWee 50    My first bike when I was about 9 y/o - Im pretty sure the parents only paid $50 for it. I loved it, rode it around the farm with my stack-hat on, until one day I was riding it (pretty fast if I remember)
and the frame snapped at the front forks and I crashed. Dad welded it up but I didnt ride it again as I had gotten a bit big for it and was scared it would break again. At the clearing sale auction before we moved to the goldcoast the auctioneers asked me to start it up for the crowd. Having never performed in front of a crowd before I was a little nervous but it started first kick. A man and a woman were bidding for it - she won it at $350 I couldnt believe it.

Kawasaki KV100 Ag bike.  I started riding after the PeeWee -  So practical - small carrier with spring clip on the front for collecting the mail, large carrier on the back, totally enclosed chain, side stands on both sides, high & low range gearbox, it even had a shovel holder! I couldnt quite touch the ground on it meaning I fell off it a few times - ended up selling it to my cousin for $150. He later sold it for $750! I felt a bit ripped off.....

Suzuki GSX250    Got my licence on this 1. Pretty good learner bike. Got run up the arse at the lights at Sturt St going to work one day. Picked myself and the bike up from the middle of the intersection in peak hour traffic, told the towy
that turned up to piss off, tried to start it up but smashed tail light had blown a main fuse and it wouldnt go. Fixed it a few days later but it never felt the same afterwards - sold it to some chick who was going for her licence

Yamaha DT175   Bought it from one of the bike shops in nerang in about 1998 for $2000. Had real low ks and was in almost new condition. Real good offroad for me - light and low to the ground and went ok. Got $1300 when I sold it

Kawasaki Z500    Got my open licence on this 1. Ex GCCC parking attendant bike with the fibre-glass panniers - crashed it on the way to work one day - nice soft landing in long grass, only injury was dragging the foot-peg up my shin as I picked it up out of the grass only to see severely bent forks. Fixed it and sold it but cant remember who to.....

1976 Honda CB400/4    I bought off Dad (he might have given it to me) he had since I was a kid. Always loved the sound of it at high revs as a young pillion, and the sexiest looking exhaust pipes ever. Ride to work hack - took the panniers off the Z500 and fitted to this for carrying ability. Sold it with rego but without RWC for $800. Dad wasnt too happy when he received a photo (and a fine) of the number plate on the back of a car on the gateway bridge about 10 years later

Kawasaki 550 Zephyr   Awesome bike. Dark grape purple colour.  Was only couple years old and very fast - naked and smooth. I paid like $5000 for it about 2001. Didnt ride it much after the novelty wore off, think i sold it for $4000

Honzuki    Somewhere here I built the Honzuki - Honda CB 175 with Suzuki TS 185 motor in it - my first engine conversion - was heaps of fun and a pretty easy build. Most of my mates learned to ride on it. I think Sarge ended up with it

Some Chinese 49cc pocket bike - probly doesnt really count but I swapped it for......

Yamaha Jog scooter   I still have this - started first kick every time until some dick head (possibly me) tried to plumb NOS into it - did it wrong and blew the carby float to bits. Swapped the carby a few years later but I think it ran real lean
had no power and now has a blown head gasket. I will get it sorted one day as I still have a couple NOS bottles to use up

Kawasaki KLX250.   Bought it new in 2004 from Nerang Kawasaki and still have it to this day. Only 3 other people have ever ridden it - tripped up carby and Sports muffler, goes and sounds good - is a bit slow on the road still but for me its perfect in the bush. Light weight and low to the ground and has plenty of power - been on a couple big bike meets around the hinterland with it where 800 odd bikes get together - enduro and the like.
Doesnt get out much these days but its still rego'd
Only just clicked over 10,000ks

NOT FOR SALE!!!! - GO BUY YOUR OWN - they are still only about $7500 ride away

Geez that was hard work - time for a cuppa tea..... Smoking

Standby for some car pics coming soon - Il try find some bike pics too

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« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2017, 11:11:34 PM »

 Mud Crab  was on before - pretty sure his first car/bike was probably a boat.....
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« Reply #8 on: February 14, 2017, 11:33:53 AM »

Haha, The Bush on a Peewee 50.

Only time I got to ride one was at the GC Show.

You reminded me with your pocket bike.
I bought a black road pocket bike off Ivan
a few years back. He used to use it as an
ordainment on his shelf. The fat turd was to big
to ride it anyway. It was fun for about 30 minutes,
then I sold it to some mum for her youngin.

Come on Bush, you know I'm going to do a tight assed Ivan on you...I'll give ya $50 for the KLX

 Russell Coight

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« Reply #9 on: February 14, 2017, 12:25:43 PM »


 "NOT FOR SALE!!!! - GO BUY YOUR OWN - they are still only about $7500 ride away"      tongue2

$50 might have bought you the Honzuki back in the olden days, however I think I will keep the KLX

Might even dig it out and go for a ride on the weekend
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